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Natural. Simple. Wholesome. Do you know what you are eating? Keeping up with consumer needs, M-Pak constantly develops new wholesome products. The processing techniques used to manufacture our products maintain the integrity and nutritional value of the raw product. Using what mother nature has to offer, M-Pak is launching additive- and preservative-free products packed with bursts of colour and flavour. Why? Because meeting an unmatched balance between honest food and consumable products can be achieved. Be on the lookout for our new creations!

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour is gluten- and wheat-free and possesses a variety of properties that assists in promoting a healthy lifestyle by incorporating this into a nutritious diet.

Green banana flour contains resistant starch which has the same effect as soluble and in-soluble fibre combined. Its prebiotic qualities assist in gut health because it stimulates the growth of good micro-organisms such as those of the intestinal flora.  The research conducted on behalf of Messina Verpakkings shows that green banana flour aids diabetics in controlling their blood glucose and insulin levels and has been endorsed by Diabetes SA and the GI Foundation.

It may be used as a substitute to any conventional (including wheat flour) or alternative flour and can be used in any recipe. It has an earthy, non-banana taste and easily mimics the results of wheat flour. The rule of thumb is to use 20 - 30% less in a recipe. It is fat-free, high in fibre and contains no additives or preservatives. Green banana flour has a low glycaemic index and glycaemic load which makes it a useful ingredient for Diabetics. It is exceptionally valuable when used in baking and is suitable for vegans.

Green banana flour can be used on its own or blended with other flours to make:

Pies & crusts
Pizza & pasta

Green banana flour can also be used for the following:

Digestive aid
Sprinkled over cereals or fruit

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