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M-Pak has a passion for maintaining balance in every procedure we follow to ensure sustainability, a responsible carbon footprint and limited waste. This enables us to deliver on our promise of a responsible modus operandi from procuring fruit to delivering the final product. Our processing methods have been formulated as such to maintain the nutritional value of the fruit. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are skilled in the art of drying using only 100% fruit. No sugar or flavour enhancers are added to our products. 


The town of Musina is situated a few kilometres from the banks of the Limpopo river. It is the last town before reaching the most Northern border of South Africa, and the gateway to Zimbabwe. Here M-Pak has set down its roots in the heart of the bushveld. Our initial pack house was established in the industrial area of Musina - “Blikkiesdorp”. This town was established in the mid-20th century by mining prospectors. Well-known for its awesome Baobab trees and extreme heat, it remains a favourite destination among tourists due to its many nature reserves, game ranches and scenic attractions. It has a large farming community and is in close proximity to Mapungubwe National Park and the Tuli block in Botswana, among others. 


Hoedspruit is one of the largest citrus and mango producing areas in South Africa. Some of the most formidable local suppliers are located here. It is near two major water reservoirs in the North of South Africa, namely the Blyde- and Klaserie dams, as well as the captivating Drakensberg Mountains. Hoedspruit is a premier national and international tourist area near the border of Kruger National Park. With its natural beauty, outdoor activities, exclusive lodges and many well-known wildlife conservancies, thousands of local and international visitors flock to the Hoedspruit area every year. It also has an air force base with a helicopter unit as well as a busy but small civil airfield.


We are actively involved in several mango drying operations in Burkina Faso and Mali during their mango season that starts once the local season ends. This is done in conjunction with Westfalia Fruit and local fruit exporter Fruiteq forming Timini SARL. With its tropical weather and beautiful scenery, Burkina Faso and Mali are ideal for the production of tropical fruit. Due to rainfall in the excess of 1 000 mm per annum no irrigation is necessary, and the fruit is grown mostly naturally. The area referred to is the sub-tropical zone between the Atlantic Ocean in the South, and the Sahara Desert in the North Western part of the African continent.

The capital cities are:

The quality of mango fruit in the countries of Burkina Faso and Mali, from where the fresh fruit for drying is sourced, is without doubt among the best in the world. M-Pak therefore believes that West Africa has the potential to take up the position of the best dried mango supplying area in the world. Despite challenging conditions, the entrepreneurial spirit and willingness of our partners and the local role-players involved in our venture have been admirable. These parties have contributed immensely to our success in these regions and we continue to grow in capacity and size. 

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