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Creative pow(d)ers
Published: 30 Aug 2019
M-Pak’s controlled dehydrated powdered fruit and veggies ensures the availability of seasonal product as well as convenience for the end user.
Creative pow(d)ers Image

Most fresh produce is seasonal, subject to availability and undergoes frequent price fluctuations or quality defects. The fruit and veggie powders are easy to use and have a variety of practical and creative applications.

The powders provide the following solutions for manufacturers and users: users of the product do not have to constantly change raw material suppliers or menus; easy sourcing of ingredients without the problem of availability and poor produce quality; dehydrated powdered products has a longer shelf-life than fresh produce; experiencing consistent ingredient or product quality; obtaining functional ingredients to make nutritious meals; and using less of an ingredient due to the high concentration of flavour and nutrients in its powdered form.

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