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The beauty of beetroot
Published: 30 Aug 2019
Beetroot is proving to be one of the most popular powders in the M-Pak product range. It offers a wide variety of colour and flavour applications by simply adding the powder to dishes or foodstuffs.
The beauty of beetroot Image

Beetroot powder is an excellent natural colourant that may be used in baking, cooking, smoothies, beverages, confectionery, sauces and soups among others. By using it as an ingredient or colour substitute one can create colours that range from soft pinks, reds and Burgundy. For a rustic colour effect, the powder may be added directly to the dry ingredients; for more even colour, the powder needs to be added to liquid ingredients before blending it into dry ingredients.

When applied for flavour, the beetroot creates a natural, earthy taste or after-taste, depending on the amount added to the recipe.

M-Pak’s beetroot powder is made from dehydrated beetroot only in a controlled environment and contains no additives or preservatives. The shelf-life of the product, if stored at controlled ambient temperatures, is up to 12 months; and at temperatures between 2 and 8°C, up to 24 months.

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