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Oh so good mango!
Published: 01 Jul 2018
Dried fruit has been consumed for centuries and, still today, remains a popular and convenient addition to a pantry. Mangoes have become a distinctive South African produced snack and is very popular among locals and tourists.
Oh  so  good mango! Image

Although    mangoes    are    produced    in    other    countries,    cultivation    in    South    Africa    has    increased    over  the  years.  Mangoes    are    available    in    different    forms    including    dried    fruit.    There    are    many    processing    techniques    utilised    to    achieve    the    desired    outcome    and    maintain    the    nutritional    qualities    of    the    fruit.    Dried    mangoes    are    high    in    carbohydrates    and    contains    minimal    protein    and    fat.    It  is  enjoyed  by  a  wide  range  of  consumers  and    serves    as    a    convenient    snack.

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